weekly geekly links: 2.6.15


I know you’ve been dying to know what your Star Wars Personality Type is. Fair warning: It told me I was Luke Skywalker (INFP) so no guaruntees it will be nice to you. Do you really want to find out that you are Jar Jar Binks? Don’t say I didn’t, say I didn’t warn you.

LEGO is working on Doctor Who and Wall-E playsets. No they don’t go together (although it’s LEGO so they can if you want them to). I just mean they are working on two different sets: one for Doctor Who and one for Wall-E. These look really cool but we already have ALL of the LEGO Doctor Who figs so I’m assuming it’s just the Tardis and stuff that’s new.

Apparently the latest hair trend is to make your hair look like computer pixels? That might sound confusing but the pics over at this Buzzfeed article are gorgeous and totally explain what that means and then you can go to the salon and let your geek flag fly with confidence!

And now for two videos and a picture:


Yes the fangirl in me absolutely lost it over this one.  I was seriously waiting with bated breath for Slater to say “What’s up preppies?” Then I died. This whole video made my year.


Happy Friday guys!


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