Weekly Geekly: 5.1.2015

It’s May Day so I’ve got some emergency links for you to help with detrimental boredom and a lack of hahaha this weekend. And a few things to make you say “oh cool!” for good measure. You’re welcome.

Will the Apple Watch Blend? Yes, yes it will. For everyone else who continues to be irritated as hell by the commercials or the very notion of being asked to wear a watch again. We just stopped doing that Apple!

DC Comics is finally acknowledging girl geeks everywhere. I look forward to the day when a lack of sexism in the world is expected and taken for granted. Ditto to racism, homophobia, classicism and mean people. Also peas. There should be less peas. (via geek and sundry)


I’m really enjoying Shoebox Blog for a regular dose of funny, irreverent comics / graphics.

Is your mom a Proud Geek, too? GeekMom has some Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for you. And since you asked, here’s what I want for Mother’s Day.

Determined to never step on a plastic army man again? Geekologie can show you how to make a bowl out of melted plastic army men and ensure that your kid never forgets to pick up their toys again.

Have a great weekend guys!


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