Weekly Geekly: 5.15.2015

Guys, has this week been long and draining for you, too? The closer we get to summer vacation, the harder the weeks seem to be – like oh my god, do I really have to pack your lunch again?? Luckily, that last day of school is quickly approaching AND it’s Friday AND I have the day off from work. So either I’m going to get a lot of chores done or Netflix is going to  get a lot of action today. But first…

Did you know you can explore Google Maps in LEGO form? (via Mental Floss)

OR: Find out how to become a better Dungeon Master before the next D&D night. (via The JK Vision)

Have you seen these 10 best spin off shows for TV nerds? (via Geek and Sundry)

I loved this article about how Amy Poehler is making herself uncomfortable. Also I love Amy Poehler. (via Fast Company)

Lev Grossman’s The Magicians is going to be a series on SyFy. Here are 11 things you should know and the exclusive trailer! (via BuzzFeed)

I’m reading the book now in preparation for the show – you can get a Kindle copy for $2.99 right now on Amazon!

What are you geeking out over this week?



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