The Weekly Geekly: 08.26.16

abridged classics - found via
abridged classics – found via

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a weekly link round up, but I’ve got a pretty great assortment just waiting to be shared and more than five minutes to tell you about them, so let’s get this party started?

My friend shared this article about 2 basic personality types on Facebook and a lengthy discussion followed: Are you a round or a pointy? Unsurprisingly, I’m as pointy as they come.

Who wants to go on vacation to Prince Edward Island with me? Caroline shares all the deets on her recent trip there and it’s swoon worthy.

The new IKEA app is perfect for those of us who cannot simply “imagine” a piece of furniture in our home. Now you can see exactly what it looks like and confirm it will fit before you drive out, buy it, drive it home and put it together. The future is now.

Have you seen this collection of terrible real estate photos? This post made me laugh so hard I almost stopped breathing. For realsies.

I want to make this slow cooker creamy coconut oatmeal soon! I can always use more oatmeal in my life, but I’m too lazy to cook in the morning, so.

What were your #firstsevenjobs? Mine would be something like: filing clerk, clothing store, electronics store, news editor, managing editor, nanny, bookstore employee…

Kerry Washington made this “horror movie” about the terrifying beast that is group text messages:

This completes me, because group messages truly make me a jittery, irritable monster. They need to disappear and never come back. Who’s with me?

So what are you guys up to this weekend? I’m going to see Bad Moms with friends tomorrow night and can’t wait!









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