We wear our “Geek” tag with pride!

The Critic and The Fangirl is the pet project of two self proclaimed “nerds” or “geeks” or “fangirls” or “female humans”. We are grown assed married women who have vast and geeky interests to share with the world, i.e. YOU!

545603_882344607586_610472378_nJen is the mom of two dorky children, aged 9 and 6. She did the Stay at Home Mom gig for 8 years and has been testing the waters of being a working mom since her daughter started kindergarten in 2014. She loves British celebrities – especially the wonderful and varied cast of Doctor Who, Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Hammond, Stephen Fry, Colin Firth and Martin Freeman (but if you wait a few minutes she’ll come up with more she should have mentioned). She grew up hanging out in her dad’s office pretending that the motherboards were tiny maps of little towns and imagining what buildings each of the components might be.  She’s a big book nerd and is kind of rabidly obsessed with Rainbow Rowell and celebrity memoirs right now, especially ones written by comedians. You can check out her personal blog here.

kimKim is a slacker who hasn’t written her bio yet but you guys should just make up your own stories about her interests and backstory. Maybe she’s a time traveling geisha on a secret quest to avenge the death of her parents who were abducted by aliens when she was a small child growing up in an apartment above an internet cafe on that street you walked by once? Maybe she’s an assassin living undercover while plotting how to destroy her next target? Maybe she’s a video game maker who has a giant ball pit in her living room and is working on an underground shelter to protect her family from the impending raptor attacks? Okay, your turn – who do you think Kim is?


All your comments are belong to us. So leave us some.

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